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The 1980's

Beta Sigma Honors the Fraternity 125th Anniversary

In June 1980, our chapter recognized Sigma Chi's 125th anniversary with a celebration at the chapter house.  All over North America, chapters were hosting parties to celebrate the event.  In Knoxville, alumni, actives, Little Sisters, rushees and dates were part of the scene on a hot summer afternoon.



I-M Sports:  Sigma Chis rule


1979-80:  All-Fraternity; 2nd or 3rd All-Univ.

1980-81:  All-Fraternity;  All-University ??

1981-82:  All-Fraternity (10th time in 11 years)

                All–University  (6th time in 11 years)

1982-83:  All-Fraternity & All-University

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