$727,548 Raised


​The Beta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi is returning to The University of Tennessee! The wheels are in motion to reestablish Sigma Chi as the preeminent fraternity on campus. As of January 6, 2020, we are now a recognized entity on campus.  As with all re-installments, we must begin as a colony before we allowed to re-establish as the Beta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity.  

At this point, we have 50+ young men who have begun their pledge training with our great fraternity. These men have heard about the opportunity that we have and want

to be a part of something special.  

We will be taking the house back at the end of May and will spend the summer cleaning and painting. It is our plan to have our colony members moving into the house beginning in the fall of 2020.

Unfortunately, getting a fraternity readmitted and taking back a fraternity house takes

a lot of funds. We are partnering with the Sigma Chi Foundation to raise the necessary funds so that donations will be tax-deductible.  Our Beta Sigma Fundraising Committee has been formed and they will begin reaching out to brothers.


We need to have as many brothers involved in order to make this a successful venture.

It is our hope that you will give and mention this to others that you know who may be

able to give. I hope that you can help.

In Hoc,

Jason DeBord

Fundraising Doc

Thank You for supporting Beta Sigma Chapter


Each sponsored room will have a memorial plaque like the example above

Sleeping Rooms: $10,000.00 each / 21 total rooms   8 SOLD  

President’s Room: $15,000.00

House Director: $15,000.00

TV Room: $15,000.00

Courtyard: $25,000.00

Chapter Room: $50,000.00

Dining Area: $20,000.00

Living Room: $20,000.00








Fund Raising Doc

All brothers that donate $1,000 or more will be recognized on a plaque in the house


Bobby Ogdin              bobbyogdin@comcast.net

Dick Brower                 dickbrower@realtyexecutivestn.com

Breck Grover               dbgrover1@comcast.net

Buck Schimpf              brwnwhsky@yahoo.com

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